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Teens and Adult Education Solutions We offer school-based programs for youth and volunteer work/internship opportunities for teens and adults. Tutorials and Counselling Tutorial engagement and counselling services are an essential part of any higher education institution.

Welcome to
Teens and Adult Education Solutions (TADES)

“TADES” provides affordable education services to Teens and Adults.

We offer a variety of education support systems that provide a safe and exciting educational environment.

We promote global education and intercultural understanding through

quality programs that involve in-class and virtual instructions for teens and adults.

Explore a World Full of Possibilities

Whether you are in high school, transitioning to college/university, entering the workplace or are early in your career, “TADES” has the program for you!


To help empower and build the capacity of teens and adults in especially minority populations in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada and the new immigrant community through appropriate skill-based training and social initiatives in culturally sensitive and language-appropriate settings.


Volunteer and internship opportunities available abroad for teens and adults.

Our programs will support teens and adults to progress to independent living. Services will include in-class and virtual instructions,

tutorials, referrals and assessments, workshops, career counselling, job placement support and mentor-ship programs

that will connect teens and youths to value-based opportunities in all walks of life.

Call "TADES" today to find out more information about our courses, programs and scheduling.