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Programs & Services

Teens and Adult Education Solutions (TADES) offers flexible
and customized training and support to help teens and adults further their mission and goals.

Bridge Education Gaps

The big Gap of getting to the next level of improvement can be solved by taking steps necessary to achieve well-crafted lessons, prepared and taught lessons and well-engaged classrooms by trained teachers, in addition to a complete, well-implemented curriculum.

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Computer Skills Development

Proficiency in computers is an absolute requirement for success in today’s technology-driven environment. However, many youths struggle with the use of computers, particularly newcomers and minority groups. “TADES” is helping to change this by providing basic computer training to teens and adults.


This essential training is in great demand, providing a much-needed foundation by equipping individuals for future success. Our skill-based training also assists with providing employment connections and language programs such as French and English as second language that can facilitate better integration into the workforce in Canada.

Time Management Skills

Most adults struggle with how to manage time effectively. Teens are no different. Their time is split by many demands—academic, social, sports, volunteer hours, family responsibilities.


When it comes to time management for teens, “TADES” will teach how to set priorities and manage time effectively by using trained personnel.

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Tutorials and Counselling

Tutorial engagement and counselling services are an essential part of any higher education institution. Our expertise on high school counselling services ensures appropriate help for all students.


If you want to secure a good position or climb the ladder of success, it is important that you become an expert in what you do. Our Teens and Adult Education Services helps with:

  • High School Tutorials
  • Homework Completion
  • High School Counselling
  • Tracking High School Diploma

Career Coaching

Working closely with you, “TADES” will:


  •  Identify your career goals.
  • Assist with matching your career goals with course selection that
    focuses on success criteria and optimizes successful outcomes.
  • Develop a plan of work that focuses on your strength and positive skills that will alleviate any impending obstacles.

Job Searching Skills

Whether it is a summer job or your first full-time job upon graduation, your search and preparation skills are essentially the same. If you develop good search habits now, they will help you for the rest of your career.


You may find a job and keep it your whole life, but more likely, you will change jobs and possibly even careers several times over your working life. Therefore, “TADES” provides a tool kit for jobs of searching skills and techniques through our careers services to assist you through the journey of your job search.

Remote Learning Opportunity

“TADES” started out as an organization with the aim of empowering teens and adult in our community.


Since the establishment of our organization, we have started with various programs, equipping teens and adults with necessary skills and tools, which become the foundation for success.

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International Mentorship and Guardianship

Mentorship and Guardianship, at its core, guarantees teens and adults that there is someone who cares. It ensures that they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges.


“Tades” provides customize support to international students transitioning into any Canadian high schools, colleges, or universities to reduce culture shock and ensure high academic success.


Programs available include the review and reinforcement of any difficult
curriculum concepts, time management, confidence building and proper
assimilation into the educational environment in Canada.


We aim to close the mentoring gap and drive equity through quality mentoring relationships and ultimately, mentoring connects them to personal growth and development, and social and economic opportunity.

Healthcare Services

We offer support in courses leading to training in health care services. Such support includes customized bridging subjects that lead to professional training in health services. “TADES” will work with you to ensure you reach your goal as a Personal Support Worker (PSW), Health Care Aid, and Health Attendant. Personal support workers and aides play a vital role in the health care industry, working in private homes or health care facilities to help provide patients with care and comfort.


Our support programs will make sure you are admitted into Ontario colleges and that you are able to work with other health care professionals to provide a number of services for the elderly, disabled and ill, to help them rehabilitate or simply live their lives in the most comfortable manner possible.


If you are interested in making a career out of helping people through working in health industry, “TADES” will be your best choice.


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